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Blood Lines: An absolutely gripping thriller that will have you hooked (Det…

How do you catch a killer who leaves no trace?

A victim killed with a single, precise stab to the heart appears at first glance to be a robbery gone wrong. A caring, upstanding social worker lost to a senseless act of violence. But for Detective Kim Stone, something doesn’t add up.

When a local drug addict is found murdered with an identical wound, Kim knows instinctively that she is dealing with the same killer. But with nothing to link the two victims except the cold, calculated nature…

The Child Taker

Pub Date : 2012-10-10 | Author : Conrad Jones | Publisher : Thames River Press

ISBN 10 : 0857282565
ISBN 13 : 9780857282569

When two five-year-old twins are abducted from a campsite in the Lake District, their grandfather, Major Stanley Timms, distrustful of the floundering police investigation, decides..

Chasing The Dime

Pub Date : 2002-10-15 | Author : Michael Connelly | Publisher : Little, Brown

ISBN 10 : 0759527407
ISBN 13 : 9780759527409

The phone messages waiting for Henry Pierce clearly aren't for him: "Where is Lilly? This is her number. It's on the site." Pierce has just moved into a new apartment, and he's bee..

The Woods

Pub Date : 2008-04-01 | Author : Harlan Coben | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9781101128671
ISBN 13 : 1101128674

#1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben takes readers into the heart of family loyalty in this twisty page-turner that proves that the darkest secrets are often closest t..


Pub Date : 2014-06-23 | Author : James Patterson | Publisher : Little, Brown

ISBN 10 : 9780316405409
ISBN 13 : 031640540X

Everyone thinks Emmy Dockery is crazy. Obsessed with finding the link between hundreds of unsolved cases, Emmy has taken leave from her job as an FBI researcher. Now all she has ar..

Interactive Digital Narrative

Pub Date : 2015-04-10 | Author : Hartmut Koenitz | Publisher : Routledge

ISBN 10 : 9781317668671
ISBN 13 : 1317668677

The book is concerned with narrative in digital media that changes according to user input—Interactive Digital Narrative (IDN). It provides a broad overview of current issues and..

The Innocent

Pub Date : 2006 | Author : Harlan Coben | Publisher : Baker's Plays

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

Years after being released from jail, Matt Hunter's hopes of moving on with his pregnant wife are shattered when he becomes the focus of a serial murder investigation...

Miracle Cure

Pub Date : 2011-09-27 | Author : Harlan Coben | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9781101544440
ISBN 13 : 1101544449

A Harlan Coben Classic—Now Back in Print! #1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben “adroitly applies the fundamental rules of thrillerdom (offer a raft of potential vi..

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