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The Chosen Ones: The gripping crime thriller you won’t want to miss

Eva Dunbar wakes in a large metal box.

She has no idea who has taken her.

She has no way out.

She isn’t the first young woman to disappear.

And with no leads Detective Ian Bradshaw has precious little time.

When at last a body is found, the police hope the tragic discovery might at least provide a clue that will help them finally find the kidnapper.

But then they identify the body – and realise the case is more twisted than they ever imagined . . .



Pub Date : 1992-01-01 | Author : شهاب الدين أحمد التيفاشي | Publisher : ktab INC.

ISBN 10 : 9781855131705
ISBN 13 : 1855131706

في هذا الكتاب جمع الكاتب نوادر أخبار وملح أشعار وتضمن نازلة عجيبة وحكاية غريبة وأودع ملحة ظريفة أو ..

Pub Date : 2003-01-01 | Author : Kate Clynes | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1844440362
ISBN 13 : 9781844440368

Goldilocks walks through the woods until she arrives at the bears' house and sees three steaming bowls of porridge. Will she heed the warning of the friendly mouse?..

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