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In The Dark: from the Richard and Judy bestselling author of ‘Close to Home…

‘Your next riveting, twisty read!’ SHARI LAPENA


From the author of the massive bestseller CLOSE TO HOME, comes the second pulse-pounding DI Fawley crime thriller.

A woman and child are found locked in a basement room, barely alive.

No one knows who they are – the woman can’t speak, and there are no missing persons reports that match their profile. The elderly man who owns the house claims he has never seen them before.

The inhabitants of…

One Party Classroom

Pub Date : 2009-03-10 | Author : David Horowitz | Publisher : Crown Forum

ISBN 10 : 9780307452566
ISBN 13 : 0307452565

“David Horowitz has single-handedly exposed the intellectual corruption that exists within the classrooms of American colleges. Like all forms of corruption, indoctrination flour..

Growing Without Schooling

Pub Date : 2017-12 | Author : Patrick Farenga | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 0985400285
ISBN 13 : 9780985400286

After years of working to change schools from within-testifying before Congress and addressing audiences around the world about how to make schools better places for children-John ..

The Reengineers

Pub Date : 2015-04-01 | Author : Indu Muralidharan | Publisher : Harper Collins

ISBN 10 : 9789350297308
ISBN 13 : 9350297302

Chinmay Narayan is plotting to kill himself. He is a misfit at school, his parents are about to divorce and the love of his life doesn't know he exists. But before he can get anywh..

Pink Tiara Cookies For Three

Pub Date : 2015 | Author : Maria Dismondy | Publisher : Making Spirits Bright: One Book At A Time

ISBN 10 : 0615516203
ISBN 13 : 9780615516202

When Jasmine moves in across the street, best friends Sami and Stella learn to make room for one more friend...

The Third Coast

Pub Date : 2013-04-18 | Author : Thomas L. Dyja | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9781101605486
ISBN 13 : 1101605480

A critically acclaimed history of Chicago at mid-century, featuring many of the incredible personalities that shaped American culture Before air travel overtook trains, nearly ever..

Anatomy Of A Secret Life

Pub Date : 2007 | Author : Gail Saltz | Publisher : Harmony

ISBN 10 : 9780767923040
ISBN 13 : 0767923049

A psychologist looks at the phenomenon of people who are living secret lives, drawing on the latest psychological research to explore how and why individuals create and nurture alt..

The Mommy Mystery

Pub Date : 2010-07-01 | Author : Delores Fossen | Publisher : Harlequin

ISBN 10 : 9781426860515
ISBN 13 : 142686051X

Houston Sadler was one of the richest men in Texas, but money wouldn't get attorney Gabrielle Markham out of his life. When she showed up at his ranch, he expected her to serve him..

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