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Too Close

For fans of THE GIRLFRIEND and THE WIFE BETWEEN US, TOO CLOSE is a twisting tale of friendship and betrayal.

How close is too close?

Connie and Ness met in the park while their children played. As they talked, they realised they were neighbours. Perhaps it was only natural that they and their families would become entirely inseparable.

But when Ness’s marriage ends in a bitter divorce, she is suddenly at Connie’s house all the time. Connie doesn’t have a moment to herself, no time alone…

Too Close To Call

Pub Date : 2002-10-01 | Author : Jeffrey Toobin | Publisher : Random House Trade Paperbacks

ISBN 10 : 9780375761072
ISBN 13 : 0375761071

In an insightful study of the 2000 presidential election, the best-selling author of A Vast Conspiracy sheds light on the diverse personalities and the complex issues of race, sex,..

Too Close To The Falls

Pub Date : 2002-02-26 | Author : Catherine Gildiner | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9781101043950
ISBN 13 : 1101043954

Welcome to the childhood of Catherine McClure Gildiner. It is the mid-1950s in Lewiston, New York, a sleepy town near Niagara Falls. Divorce is unheard of, mothers wear high heels ..

Too Close

Pub Date : 2016-06-30 | Author : Gayle Curtis | Publisher : Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.

ISBN 10 : 9781785770296
ISBN 13 : 1785770292

'So addictive' Lisa Hall, bestselling author of Between You and Me. A gripping psychological thriller of family secrets and the crimes we commit to keep them, Too Close is perfect ..

Too Close Too Soon

Pub Date : 1994-08-26 | Author : Jim A. Talley | Publisher : Thomas Nelson

ISBN 10 : 9781418565602
ISBN 13 : 1418565601

Jim Talley and Bobbie Reed outline simple yet effective methods of building quality relationships while curtailing premature intimacy in this plain-spoken and experience-tested man..

Right Wing Populism In America

Pub Date : 2000 | Author : Chip Berlet | Publisher : Guilford Press

ISBN 10 : 1572305622
ISBN 13 : 9781572305625

Right-wing militias and other antigovernment organizations have received heightened public attention since the Oklahoma City bombing. While such groups are often portrayed as margi..

Too Close For Comfort

Pub Date : 2001 | Author : Dale P. Harper | Publisher : Trafford Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781552126288
ISBN 13 : 1552126285

According to the articles of the Geneva Convention, hospitals, hospital ships, and medical facilities are not to be subjected to enemy attacks during the war time. On April 28, 194..

Too Close For Comfort

Pub Date : 2007-10-10 | Author : Geraldine K. Piorkowski | Publisher : Da Capo Press

ISBN 10 : 9780738212043
ISBN 13 : 0738212040

Countless experts offer us advice on how to create the "perfect relationship," fostering the unrealistic expectation that forming an intimate bond will be a painless experience. Un..

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