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The Forgotten: Loki Redmond and Jake Savior Book 1

To satisfy a monstrous need…

He chose his victims well…

From the pool of those unwanted…

Who would soon be forgotten…

Jake Savior travels to Mississippi with his new partner, Loki Redmond, in hopes of putting the past behind him. But fate has other plans for the two. The discovery of a young woman with a small child plunges them into danger when Loki’s Native American connections to the spirit world make her the obsession of a madman with delusions.

Ha Sa Al Turuq T

Pub Date : 2017-04-03 | Author : Margriet Ruurs | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 070225973X
ISBN 13 : 9780702259739

When I was little, not so long ago, my brother, Sami, our friends and I played on sunbaked soil. We laughed, ran across rocks and sand, free as birds. Then the birds stopped singin..

Pub Date : 2009 | Author : Jules Verne | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 9953730733
ISBN 13 : 9789953730738

Bij een schipbreuk wordt een aantal wetenschappers gevangengenomen door de geheimzinnige kapitein Nemo in zijn onderzeeboot....

Pub Date : 2017-01-01 | Author : ليو تولستوي | Publisher : Al Manhal

ISBN 10 : 9796500281544
ISBN 13 :

هذا الكتاب هو رواية بعنوان ``أنا كارنينا`` من تأليف الكاتب الروسي ليو تولستوي، والرواية تعد أثرا أدب..

Pub Date : 2017-01-01 | Author : إيزابيل الليندي | Publisher : Al Manhal

ISBN 10 : 9796500312330
ISBN 13 :

تعد ``ابنة الحظ`` رواية رائعة تجمع ما بين الدراما الاجتماعية والسعي الذاتي من أجل ما يؤمن به الفرد، و..

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