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Dark Water: A totally gripping thriller with a killer twist (Detective Erik…

Beneath the water the body sank rapidly.  She would lie still and undisturbed for many years but above her on dry land, the nightmare was just beginning.

When Detective Erika Foster receives a tip off that key evidence for a major narcotics case was stashed in a disused quarry on the outskirts of London, she orders for it to be searched. From the thick sludge the drugs are recovered, but so is the skeleton of a young child.

The remains are quickly identified as eleven-year-old Jessica…

Men Women And Chain Saws

Pub Date : 2015-05-26 | Author : Carol J. Clover | Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN 10 : 9781400866113
ISBN 13 : 1400866111

From its first publication in 1992, Men, Women, and Chain Saws has offered a groundbreaking perspective on the creativity and influence of horror cinema since the mid-1970s. Invest..

God S Politics

Pub Date : 2005-01-11 | Author : Jim Wallis | Publisher : Zondervan

ISBN 10 : 9780060558284
ISBN 13 : 0060558288

Since when did believing in God and having moral values make you pro-war, pro-rich, and pro-Republican? And since when did promoting and pursuing a progressive social agenda with a..


Pub Date : 2009-03-17 | Author : Anne McCaffrey | Publisher : Harper Collins

ISBN 10 : 0061798347
ISBN 13 : 9780061798344

"Something's Alive In There!" She was just a little girl, with a tiny horn in the center of her forehead, funny-looking feet, beautiful silver hair, and several curious powers: the..

The Radicalisation Of Bradley Manning

Pub Date : 2014-03-10 | Author : Tim Price | Publisher : A&C Black

ISBN 10 : 9781408172896
ISBN 13 : 1408172895

Bradley Manning is the 24-year-old US soldier accused of the release of thousands of US embassy emails to Wikileaks. On Friday 16th December 2011, his pre-trial hearing opened in F..

This Is The Sunflower

Pub Date : 2000-04-05 | Author : Lola M. Schaefer | Publisher : Harper Collins

ISBN 10 : 9780688164133
ISBN 13 : 0688164137

First there is a sunflower. Seasons pass ... and soon there is a patch of sunflowers. Budding young gardeners will discover that what makes this happen is not magic - but is most d..

Legacy Of Blood

Pub Date : 2004 | Author : Jim Harper | Publisher : Headpress

ISBN 10 : 1900486393
ISBN 13 : 9781900486392

The slasher movie is the bloodiest incarnation of the modern horror film, tainted by criticisms of misogyny, yet remaining - on and off - a box-office draw for thirty years. Combin..

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