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From Potter’s Field (Scarpetta 6)

Christmas had never been a particularly good time for Dr Kay Scarpetta. Although a holiday for most, it always seem to heighten the alienation felt by society’s violent fringe; and that usually means more work for Scarpetta, Virginia’s Chief Medical ExaminerI. The body was naked, female and found propped against a fountain in a bleak area of New York’s Central Park. Her apparent manner of death points to a modus operandi that is chillingly familiar: the gunshot wound to the head, the sections…

Living Beautifully

Pub Date : 2012-10-09 | Author : Pema Chodron | Publisher : Shambhala Publications

ISBN 10 : 9780834828131
ISBN 13 : 0834828138

We live in difficult times. Life sometimes seems like a roiling and turbulent river threatening to drown us and destroy the world. Why, then, shouldn’t we cling to the certainty ..

Trade And The Environment

Pub Date : 2005 | Author : Brian Richard Copeland | Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN 10 : 0691124000
ISBN 13 : 9780691124001

Nowhere has the divide between advocates and critics of globalization been more striking than in debates over free trade and the environment. And yet the literature on the subject ..

The Medal Yearbook 2013

Pub Date : 2012-09-01 | Author : John W. Mussell | Publisher : Token Publishing Limited

ISBN 10 : 1908828005
ISBN 13 : 9781908828002

Including details of the latest awards and decorations, this edition provides expert advice on the history and background of a number of significant military medals, and gives the ..

Neural Network Programming With Java

Pub Date : 2017-03-14 | Author : Fabio M. Soares | Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN 10 : 9781787122970
ISBN 13 : 1787122972

Create and unleash the power of neural networks by implementing professional Java code About This Book Learn to build amazing projects using neural networks including forecasting t..

When They Were Boys

Pub Date : 2013-07-30 | Author : Larry Kane | Publisher : Running Press

ISBN 10 : 9780762440146
ISBN 13 : 0762440147

A veteran news anchor who traveled with the Beatles on their first American tours describes the legendary band's rise to the top from their early days in Liverpool and Hamburg with..

Making Sense Of The Troubles

Pub Date : 2002-03-18 | Author : David McKittrick | Publisher : New Amsterdam Books

ISBN 10 : 9781461663331
ISBN 13 : 1461663334

Compellingly written and even-handed in its judgments, this is by far the clearest account of what has happened through the years in the Northern Ireland conflict, and why. After a..


Pub Date : 2001-05-01 | Author : Cy (COP) Coleman | Publisher : Warner Bros Publications

ISBN 10 : 0757934641
ISBN 13 : 9780757934643


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