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Murder Has Consequences (Friendship & Honor Series Book 2)

It’s easy to give your life for someone. It’s much harder to kill for them.
~Nicky Fusco

For a select few people, friendship lasts forever. Nicky Fusco and Frankie Donovan were friends like that, but that was years ago. Now Frankie’s a detective in Brooklyn’s Homicide department, and Nicky is a reformed hit man. But when Frankie gets in trouble—and the law can’t help him—he turns to Nicky.

The problem is that Nicky promised his family, and God, that he’d go straight.

When Friendship Hurts

Pub Date : 2010-05-11 | Author : Jan Yager | Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN 10 : 1439167915
ISBN 13 : 9781439167915

"WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION" "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?" We've all had friendships that have gone bad. Whether it takes the form of a simple yet inexplicable estrangement or a deva..

Killing Mr Griffin

Pub Date : 2010-10-05 | Author : Lois Duncan | Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

ISBN 10 : 0316182648
ISBN 13 : 9780316182645

They only meant to scare him. Mr. Griffin is the strictest teacher at Del Norte High, with a penchant for endless projects and humiliating his students. Even straight-A student Sus..


Pub Date : 2017-09-19 | Author : Jameel Zookie McGee | Publisher : WaterBrook

ISBN 10 : 9780735290730
ISBN 13 : 0735290733

Jameel McGee: “For the next three years not a day went by that I didn’t think about my son who I had never seen and the cop who had kept me from him. And for most of those thre..

Truth Beauty

Pub Date : 2009-10-13 | Author : Ann Patchett | Publisher : Harper Collins

ISBN 10 : 9780061754814
ISBN 13 : 0061754811

What happens when the person who is your family is someone you aren't bound to by blood? What happens when the person you promise to love and to honor for the rest of your life is ..

Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

Pub Date : 2010-01-01 | Author : Mark Twain | Publisher : ABDO

ISBN 10 : 9781616411565
ISBN 13 : 1616411562

In Mark Twain's classic tale of friendship and adventure, Huckleberry Finn escapes his evil, drunken father, befriends a runaway slave named Jim, and sails the Mississippi River! A..

Blood Brothers

Pub Date : 2016-11-01 | Author : Randy Roberts | Publisher : Basic Books

ISBN 10 : 9780465093236
ISBN 13 : 046509323X

In 1962, boxing writers and fans considered Cassius Clay an obnoxious self-promoter, and few believed that he would become the heavyweight champion of the world. But Malcolm X, the..

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