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The Lost Village: A Haunting Page-Turner With A Twist You’ll Never See Comi…

‘What a fantastic, spooky, action packed, page turning thrillerthe best I’ve read in ages‘ Amazon reviewer

‘In my opinion, this is his best work to date with a compelling story that blends just the right amount of truth and fiction to keep the reader completely hooked‘ Amazon reviewer

‘Neil Spring is Agatha Christie meets James Herbert’ STEPHEN VOLK

A haunting thriller with an unforgettable twist

The remote village of Imber – remote, lost and abandoned. The outside world hasn’t been let in…

Monster Hunter Legion

Pub Date : 2013-06-25 | Author : Larry Correia | Publisher : Baen

ISBN 10 : 1451639066
ISBN 13 : 9781451639063

Book 4 in the New York Times Best Selling Monster Hunter series. A conference in Vegas becomes a showdown between Owen Pitt and the staff of Monster Hunter International with an an..

Gathering Blue

Pub Date : 2000-09-25 | Author : Lois Lowry | Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN 10 : 054734578X
ISBN 13 : 9780547345789

Lois Lowry once again creates a mysterious but plausible future world. It is a society ruled by savagery and deceit that shuns and discards the weak. Left orphaned and physically f..

Politics Of The Womb

Pub Date : 2016-09-01 | Author : Pinki Virani | Publisher : Penguin UK

ISBN 10 : 9789386057891
ISBN 13 : 9386057891

Among life’s choices is to have children or remain childfree. Yet those who want a child and find themselves unable, live through the trauma of ‘infertility’—cruelly attrib..

The Guide To Classic Graphic Adventures

Pub Date : 2011 | Author : Kurt Kalata | Publisher : CreateSpace

ISBN 10 : 146095579X
ISBN 13 : 9781460955796

Reviews of over 300 graphic adventure games, focusing on games from prominent publishers such as LucasArts, Sierra On-Line, and Legend Entertainment but covering games from indepen..


Pub Date : 2010-08-01 | Author : Percy Bysshe Shelley | Publisher : The Floating Press

ISBN 10 : 9781775418702
ISBN 13 : 1775418707

"Adonais" represents the height of artistic achievement for nineteenth-century Romantic poetry. Percy Bysshe Shelley's book-length elegy in the pastoral style mourns the loss of fe..

Family Of Lies

Pub Date : 2015-04-28 | Author : Mary Monroe | Publisher : Dafina

ISBN 10 : 9781617739958
ISBN 13 : 1617739952

New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe weaves a stunning portrait of a family immersed in deceit--and the women whose happiness depends on the secrets they keep. . . After g..

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